With the possibilities afforded us by modern technology, it's now common for recording projects with and without the budget of a major label to record various instruments "remotely." Drums are no exception. Working with budgets of all sizes, Christian is available to record drums and percussion, as well as create loops and other programming on your album, EP, or demo whether you are based in Nashville, or across the globe. Equipped with a large tracking room, a variety of drums, preamps, compressors, and EQ both modern and vintage, all bases are covered. 

If you're interested in having Christian record drums on your song or project, please fill out the form on the contact page with some information to help get a sense of what you're looking to accomplish  (style of music, number of songs, etc.) and you'll be contacted shortly afterward to work out the details. Once the track is complete, you'll be sent back all the necessary files to be mixed with the rest of your song!